April 16, 2015

Having a Moment

The "I did it" moment

Strange things happen when you walk. Even stranger things happen when you get away and walk for a few days in a row. You start to take in your surrounds, listen to the inner you and celebrate yourself and those around you.

The Bay of Fires Lodge Walk, Cradle Mountain Huts Walk and the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk see these phenomena all the time. We call them Moments of Triumph and they come in all shapes and sizes. A little pat on the back for getting up a steep hill, an inner “well done!” as you pause and look back on the trail, or a deserving “yes please” to the afternoon tea that’s waiting on arrival at the lodge.

When you first hear about one of our walks, you might experience an “I think I can do that” moment, then a triumph when you choose a date. Glee is one of our moments when you kit yourself in groovy walking gear and choose some new shoes. Little triumphs occur when you meet your group for the first time and feel relief they look just like you. And then? Your fun begins. Unpack your life and experience the mindshift as you again feel pride in your achievements; 40, 50, 65km, on your own two feet, under your own steam.

Then, of course there is the “I did it” moment of triumph at the end that will be shared over and over again. But they are just the physical triumphs. We know you will have moments all of your own.

The Bay of Fires Lodge Walk, Cradle Mountain Huts Walk (operated by the Tasmania Walking Company) and the Twelve Apostles Walk by bothfeet are three unique eco-luxe walking experiences that take you on a journey. We only have space for a few thousand people a year from all over the world, so it’s prudent to book early and make your anticipation last as long as you can. Collectively we’ve been operating for 49 years and specialise in helping people explore these amazing landscapes safely, deeply and with care and fun. But most importantly, we provide the canvas for you to relax, explore and be yourself..

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